• Deep Drainage

      Deep Drainage

      MDA specialise in the installation of deep drainage to depths of over 5m using traditional open cut methodology. We can use either trench boxes or sheets and walers as part of a temporary works solution, but safety always comes first in providing a safe area to install, test and backfill the drainage pipework.

    • Culvert Installation

      Culvert Installation

      MDA have installed numerous culverts across the UK and Ireland and are specialist installers for several large Tier 1 Contractors. We have jacked these culverts under live carriageways and railway lines, and installed them in an open cut environment. Our attention to detail ensures the PCC edges are straight and joints are perfectly sealed providing a completely water tight structure.

    • Shaft Installation

      Shaft Installation

      MDA have a wealth of experience constructing shafts up to 30m in diameter and to depths of 35m. We have the ability and knowledge to sink shafts using various techniques from hydraulically jacking segmental shafts vertically to underpinning. We can adapt to site constraints between using a one piece caisson ring and installing segments, which can often be required while working around existing services.

    • Deep Excavation

      Deep Excavation

      MDA can carry out deep excavation works, as well as confined space activities from the deep excavation. We are experienced in trench sheet installation, proprietary manhole boxes and frames, timber lined excavations and all forms of earthworks.

    • Sewer Rehab

      Sewer Rehab

      MDA offer partial and complete tunnel and sewer rehabilitation, using various strengthening options focusing on trenchless technology methods and man-entry. We can assess your pipeline and recommend a way of extending its life span or providing a cost effective alternative solution.

    • Timber Headings

      Timber Headings

      In some cases, traditional methods are still the best. Constructed by hand, timber headings are a cost effective method for short-tunnelled sections where other trenchless techniques are not possible or economical.

    • Rail Infrastructure

      Rail Infrastructure

      MDA have a wealth of experience in installing structures above and below the rail infrastructure. We are proven in delivering technically challenging, high profile schemes within strict timescales with an impeccable safety record. We have recently installed a large PCC Culvert under the mainline railway in only 108 hours using a 750T crane situated on the existing track. The scheme was delivered ahead of schedule without accident or incident.

    • Drill & Blast

      Drill & Blast

      MDA have the technical and practical capability of driving hand mined drill and blast tunnels through rock. Most recently at Wookey Hole Caves, we drove a 2.4m diameter tunnel, 80m from one cave site into another to create another tourist attraction within the cave network.

    • Grouting


      MDA are often called upon to investigate underground structures in need of renovation. Grouting is one method of renovation that we specialise in, whereby the annulus of an existing structure has not been secured by grouting when initially installed. We also carry out pressure grouting, gravity fed redundant pipework grouting, displacement grouting and chemical grouting.

    • Lining


      MDA specialise in the installation of GPR liners, usually placed into existing sewer networks. We have installed over 10,000 linear metres of GRP liners across the UK and Ireland which include a wide range of shapes and sizes.

    • Surveying


      MDA is able to carry out surveys to inspect and assess the condition of underground assets and recommend ways of extending life span or proposing repairs/renovations. We use a number of different techniques ranging from CCTV to man-entry depending on the access restraints.

    • Rescue Team

      Rescue Team

      MDA can provide a highly trained and competent rescue team for any scenario within a confined space. We carry out a mock rescue on all projects and often these are viewed by our clients and involve the local fire service.

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