November 2016 – February 2017


Works were required to upgrade an existing river defence scheme in Warrington that was regularly flooding the adjacent land.

MDA installed a large sheet pile outlet structure with RC walls, capping beams, flap valve door and stainless steel trash screen to protect the land and local businesses from further flooding risk.


Firstly, MDA cleared the existing vegetation and removed all existing structures and materials.

We then removed all the silt that was blocking the entire culvert line, which enabled us to let the existing flood defence structure to act in the way it should have initially.

MDA then constructed a crane platform and installed a large sheet pile outlet structure with reinforced concrete walls. These works were carried out across a tidal range, so works were limited to short working windows which meant that planning and efficiency was key for our works.

Upon completion of the main structure, the capping beams, new reinforced concrete walls and the flap valve door were installed along with associated run off drainage pipework and chambers.

The structure was constructed with an upper and lower level concrete plinth and new stainless-steel trash screens were installed on both levels to protect the structure from future deterioration.

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