As part of the ongoing Tungsten Mine works in Plymouth, CA Blackwell were installing a road diversion to enable the expansion of the mine. As part of this new road diversion, MDA were appointed to install two new flood relief culverts.


The larger of the two culverts, measured 5.5m wide by 2.8m high and weighing 27 tonnes.

MDA prepared the works area by installing the sub-base layers, mass concrete blinding, and the put in a 6L sand layer prior to the culverts being installed.

MDA used a system of installing aluminium tubes within the sand layer which assisted when positioning the large 27 tonne culvert units.

A 200T mobile crane was used to lift the units into place. The PCC units were delivered by Shay Murtagh on a ‘Just in Time’ system and were unloaded from the wagon and lifted straight into position. The wing walls were sat upon a PCC toe beam that acted as a lateral restraint for the culvert structure. These toe beams had starter bars that tied into the insitu RC inlet and outlet slabs.

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