Having won a large package of works with Irish Water, new Client GMC Group turned to MDA to install over 1000m of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) liners in the existing brick lined sewers across Dublin, Galway and Limerick. Since April 2019, MDA have installed over 500m of GRP liners, made over 100 lateral connections and installed over 100 tonnes of grout.


Working within very small existing brick lined sewers across Ireland, MDA have been installing GRP liners to areas where the sewers are in a poor condition and are in urgent need of repair.

Working in collaboration with GMC who are cleaning the sewers prior to MDA installing the liners, the site teams are working out of existing manholes in busy commercial streets, often at night to avoid the highly trafficked areas.

The GRP liners are lifted into the access manhole in 1m long sections, then pushed up the sewer to the furthest upstream point of the sewer and then tirfored together working back downstream. This means the working area can be kept dry by carrying out inline pumping which can remove the flows away from the working area.

This team of highly trained and specialised personnel have excelled in extremely challenging conditions and have delivered a scheme that Irish Water are proud of.

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