November – December 2017


Two properties located at the top of a 200ft tall cliff in Hastings had a unique foul water drainage system that ran down the cliff face and into a manhole within the access road below. When it became apparent that this drainage system was defective and leaking foul water onto the road, Cappagh Browne were instructed by Southern Water to resolve the matter urgently. With MDA’s skilled and expertise work force, we managed to remove the old system and install a new system using IRATA trained rope technicians and confined space experts.


The first part of this job was to set up the anchorage points for the rope access works as the cliff was so steep that there were not many activities that could be carried out without using rope access.

Once this was in place, the existing vegetation around the defective drainage system was removed and the works could be started. The existing manhole was refurbished and the new sewer pipe was then taken off the cliff edge and fixed into position by using stainless steel pipe clamps that were fixed into the rock face behind.

The pipework was secured at 2m intervals or where there was a change in direction of level. MDA also installed concrete thrust blocks to ensure that the system would not deteriorate again in the future.

Once the new drainage system was in place down to the road level, the confined space experts could bring the pipework into the manhole as a connection and make the required alterations.

All of this was achieved without the two properties losing their drainage services and minimal impact to other local residents.

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