The Albion Dockyard Refurbishment was undertaken by Matt Durbin Associates in 2012 for Bristol City Council. The scheme included complex site clearance requiring rope access works. The next phase of the scheme was the identification of existing leaks within the dock, which then had to be sealed before grouting to restore the dock to a working state.


The existing dock had been left in a state of disrepair and was overgrown with vegetation. This vegetation had to be removed before the dock could be assessed.

MDA Rope access operatives removed all vegetation and debris from the dock walls to enable the inspection to take place.

The leak identification process took MDA the most time as the dock had over 1000m2 that needed to be cleaned, re-pointed and grouted. This work was carried out under the supervision of Wessex Water.

The two photographs above show the finished product of the scheme with the dock ready to be re-opened, and a close up view of the re-pointed and grouted stonework wall. This project was completed on time and within budget and had an AFR of ZERO for the works.

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