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Boringdon Shaft & Timber Heading Rev 1.pdf

Shaft Sinking

Albion Dock Refurbishment Rev1.pdf

Boringdon Shaft & Timber Heading

Bridge Works over Railways.pdf

Rail Infrastructure

Albion Dock Refurbishment

Various Rail Bridges

Mock Rescue - Thanet Rev 1.pdf

Grouting & Sealing

Mock Rescue

Ramsgate Mock Rescue

Lyewater Shaft & Timber Heading.pdf

Lyewater Shaft & Timber Heading

Radstock Rev 1.pdf

Radstock Shaft & Lining Works

Culvert Remediation

Chyandour Culvert Refurbishment.pdf

Chyandour Culvert Remedials

EA Culvert Remediation.pdf

Environment Agency Culvert Remedials

Culvert Installation

SDLR - Culvert Installation Christmas 2013.pdf

A380 SDLR - Christmas 2013

SDLR - Culvert Installation - Easter 2014.pdf

A380 SDLR - Easter 2014

Drill & Blast

Wookey Hole.pdf

Wookey Hole Drill & Blast Tunnel

Sewer Renovation

Ramsgate Sewer Rehabilitation.pdf

Ramsgate Sewer Renovation

Timber Headings

Gainsborough Hotel - Timber Heading.pdf

Gainsborough Hotel Heading

Fishermans Walk Timber Heading Rev 1.pdf

Fishermans Walk Heading

Deep Excavation

Lamb Inn Shaft and Basement Excavation.pdf

Lamb Inn Shaft & Basement Excavation

Lining Works

Line of Works Rev 1.pdf

Line of Works - Bristol

This page shows a selection of case studies for our most recent completed projects.  If you would like more information on a specific project or have any questions about your own project then please do not hesitate to contact us.  (Click on any image to see the full PDF)

Case Studies

North Queensferry Lining.pdf

North Queensferry - Scotland

EA Cheltenham Flood Alleviation Scheme.pdf

EA - Cheltenham Flood Alleviation Scheme

Otter St Mary Flood Alleviation Scheme.pdf

EA - Otter St Mary Flood Alleviation Scheme

Latest Projects Completed

Cake Pill.pdf

Cake Pill Tidal Structure Refurbishment

Hemingford Culvert Repairs

Sutton Bingham Timber Headings

Hemingford.pdf Sutton Bingham Timber Headings.pdf Lee Moor Culvert Installation.pdf

Lee Moor

Culvert Installation